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  1. How do I choose a Skylight?
    • You need to first determine if you have a pitched roof (on an angle) or a flat roof deck. If your roof deck is pitched, you can choose any of our glazing options: eMAX3, Hurricane, Lumira Aerogel, Triple-Glaze or SageGlass®. If your roof deck is flat, you will need to go with an acrylic dome.
    • Glass or Acrylic Dome
      • Or glazing packages give you wide range of energy efficiency and lighting options. Please refer to the descriptions on our Glass Options page for a description and energy ratings of each option.
      • Acrylic Domes are less energy efficient but provide light into your home, and offer an excellent option for light on flat roof decks.
    • Standard or Custom
      • All of our standard sizes are listed on this website.
    • Deck Mount or Curb Mount
  2. What is the difference between Deck Mount and Curb Mount?
  3. What type of glazing is available?
    • Glass or glazing depends on many factors including Building Codes, personal preference and whether you just want lighting in a room, or to have both lighting and have the ability to see out of the skylight.
  4. What do I do when I don’t see my size?
  5. Can you ship to other countries?
  6. Can I cancel my order?
  7. Can I return my order?
  8. How long will it take to ship my order? (shipping codes)
  9. Will you deliver to my house?
  10. Can I get custom size SkyShades to match my custom size units?
  11. What forms of payment do you take?
  12. What is the warranty?
  13. What happens when I place my order after hours or over the weekend?